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Interview mit Bianca-Janina Kux

An impressive talk with one really impressive number: 85% of the global workforce feel stuck, unvalued or unhappy at work. Wow, we don’t really know what to ask now. That’s sad, isn’t it?

Yep it is! I am on a mission to change this at least for Switzerland.

You were also in a job where you lost all your power. Can you remember when and how you decided to change something in your life? 

I have a strong will. And if I want something I am ready to take bold action. So I started dreaming of this incredibly tempting idea to have my own successful business and inspire others to create thriving team environments where people feel empowered and motivated and create great results. And I do exactly that today. Successfully. 

I help people come back into their power and create High Performance with their teams and therefore changing organizational cultures for good.

Having the courage to change something is probably one of the biggest challenges. What can help to free yourself from well paid jobs?

A big vision. If you don’t dream big, don’t do it. 

A great coach. If you go alone, you can go fast, but if you want to go far, go together.

A decision to really follow through on your dream. I have learned that success has to do with a success mindset, with the right habits and the strong dedication to your personal growth. 

You describe a wonderful path to unlock your personal potential in three steps: Step 1, name your talents, Step 2, claim your talents, Step 3, aim your talents. Sounds simple. How long does a process usually take to really change

You change a habit in 21 days. When you for example want to start meditating, you might encounter a lot of resistance in week 1. In week 2 it already gets better and in week 3 you start getting in flow and in week 4 you think: wow, what will I do without my new habit? This is my mental process when I participate in 21 day challenges.  In reality with real lasting change I experience it to take longer. 

When you are a leader and you want to change the way you think and they way you lean into your talents it takes 3 months to lay a first foundation and to be able to integrate it in your daily life with your peers and your team. 

Usually we have so many projects we work on at the same time that it is important to keep on working on yourself as well and reflect yourself regularly. Within 6-9 months results are usually nothing less than amazing. 

You have really learned a new way of thinking and reflecting yourself which is sustainable and nourishing at the same time. You have learned how to constantly invest in your growths as a leader. 

Even though I do believe that if you want to go fast you can go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. That means, I believe that any manager should have someone that is not business related to mentor him / her and challenge the way they work often. A sparring partner. 

This cannot be a good friend, but someone who will think bigger, bolder, who will inspire and ignite now thoughts. I even believe it should be mandatory for leaders to have a coach as they usually experience so much pressure on a daily basis that it’s important to keep a good mental hygiene with a coach.  

As a leader, it is important to tell other people that they are a star. That’s a very important take away, I guess. How can HR leaders implement this in their daily work life? 

Telling someone you are a star is a praise. Praise more than anything will motivate people to go this extra mile. 

In our culture we don’t praise much. In German we even have a saying: not scolding already is praise enough. That is pretty much how teams feel when I talk to them first. 

In a team of 30 the habit they wanted to implement first was the habit of joint appreciation. I do it with all my teams. We need to learn how to praise others again. 

As Dale Carnegie says in his Management Classic „How to wins friends and influence people“: Always begin with Praise and honest Appreciation. This is a book that every HR leader should read. 

About Bianca-Janina Kux

Bianca inspires people to discover and embrace their talents, break through their fears and live with all their hearts.

She accompanies people on their way to their full potential wherever change is pending and is about listening to the inner voice and following it - so that one's own personality begins to shine and sparkle with authenticity.

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