Why Working Parents Matter in Diversity

Video Interview with Sarah Meier, Founder of parents@work, and Andreas Deck, Head Culture Transformation at SIX

In this video interview, Sarah and Andreas talk about the importance of working parents for SIX and the labour market en gros. 

In collaboration with Sarah Meier from parents@work, SIX is establishing a peer coaching program for working parents. 

Just having the freedom to live the life each individual chooses for themselves.

That is Sarah's personal wish.  

It also sums up why Andreas Deck and SIX believe in the power of this program: It is about finding the inner strength to find each individual's way of life, including family, partnership, work, hobbies, interests and whatever falls into our life - beyond patterns, stereotypes, expectations and the legacy we grow up with. 

Not only do coaches and "coachees" benefit from the exchange but also does SIX send a clear signal to its employees: Working parents do matter. 

This interview is the start of a series of five videos that cover different topics such as culture, leadership, HR role or purpose. They will be published within the next couple of months on spoton.ch.

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Andreas Deck

Head Culture Transformation at SIX

Vernetze dich mit Andreas Deck

Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO at parents@work

Vernetze dich mit Sarah Meier
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