Where Will Work Take Us?

Interview with Yves Schneuwly

What is happening in the flexible labour market at the moment with global mobility having disappeared?

The trend towards more flexibility in the labour market further strengthened. Even before Covid-19, we found ourselves in the so-called "Business 4.0", which is characterized by hyper-volatility. Covid-19 has intensified those effects and, in addition, coupled them with a very short planning horizon.

What are companies looking for today?

Businesses need to respond to this situation with an increased level of flexibility, especially on the workforce dimension. It has become clear what a vital role flexworkers play in our economy and how crucial a flexible workforce is for a company.

You talk about leaving the “resources'' out of human resources. What do humans want in 2021?

I firmly believe, that flexibility will be the defining feature of the world of work. Technology serves as a catalyst and will enable both workers and companies to have more choice, a simpler experience and greater success than ever before.

What should HR prepare for to successfully navigate through 2021 and beyond?

Covid-19 has had an incredibly disruptive effect on traditional modes of operation. Thus, HR need to prepare for optimizing operations for increased flexibility and less risk. Technology will be a key lever to achieve this.

About Yves Schneuwly

Currently, Yves serves as Managing Director Switzerland of Coople, Europe's largest digital staffing platform with over 400,000 registered flexible employees and 20,000 registered companies, where he is responsible for accelerating Coople’s growth in the Swiss market. Yves also works as an advisor for Great Place to Work Switzerland and is a guest lecturer at HWZ Institute for Digital Business. Being passionate about digitization and the future of work, in his speech Yves will touch upon our readiness for a truly flexible world of work.

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Yves Schneuwly

Geschäftsführer von Coople Switzerland

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