Vulnerability In Leadership: Why Is It Important?

Interview with Andreas Deck, Head Culture Transformation at SIX & Sarah Meier, Founder of parents@work

What makes people follow a leader? What kind of leadership empowers teams in a fast-changing world? ​​

In this third part of a longer interview, Andreas Deck and Sarah Meier are discussing the importance of courage and vulnerability in leadership. 

The days are over where you can do everything by yourself. In the world we live in, we have to perform in ecosystems [...] ​with the contribution of many.

In our volatile, complex and ambiguous world, it is paramount for leaders to create a safe space that gives people and teams confidence to charter unknown territory and try things without fear.

If authentic leaders talk openly about their own mistakes, hopes, doubts and learnings, it will build trust and inspire followership. 

Combined with the right grains of empathy and appreciation, these are key ingredients to nurture the soil for great collaboration and strong interdisciplinary teams. 

That is why SIX is re-thinking leadership in the era of knowledge working, aimed at a leadership culture, which enables people to collectively go for growth in a fast-changing business environment.

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Andreas Deck

Head Culture Transformation at SIX

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Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO at parents@work

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