SPOT ON launches column about diversity & inclusion

More than ever has Diversity & Inclusion become an important C-level topic no company can ignore any longer. However, the topic is not only complex, but it also brings different perspectives and approaches that can be applied. 

That is why SPOT ON collaborates with key players in the market and launches a column about Diversity & Inclusion with the following authors:

  • Bernadette Höller is the managing director of Loopings, the Switzerland-wide platform for diverse professional opportunities in the second half of life. She wishes that people, regardless of their age, can, want and be allowed to help shape the future in the working world of the present.
  • Diana Wick Rossi is co-founder of Tadah, the first Swiss co-working space with childcare and online magazine about compatibility. She is also the mother of two girls and repeatedly fails to eat the cake and have it too (or as Swiss say: „den Fünfer und das Weggli haben“).
  • Dr. Patricia Widmer established the English-speaking certificate programme “Women Back to Business” (WBB) as well as the “Women’s Leadership Programme” and is now Programme Director for Diversity and Management Programmes at University of St. Gallen. She is an expert in Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and New Work. In addition, she holds several non-executive positions and is founder and managing partner of Aalto AG – fostering organizational and professional happiness.
  • Sarah Lenz is Programme Director Career Relaunch & Diversity at University of St. Gallen. She is an expert in the areas of Career Transition, HR themes, diversity & inclusion, gender equality and women's empowerment. Sarah Lenz is an experienced leader and has a broad background in management, corporate communications & media sciences. 
  • Priska Burkard is co-founder of TechFace (SKILLS FINDER AG), the first Swiss platform that networks female tech talents with exciting companies in the tech field and thus promotes diversity. Priska herself has had a long career in the tech field and knows the difficulties and strengths that you need and bring with you as a woman in the technology industry.
  • Sarah Meier is Founder and CEO of parents@work, a peer coaching program designed to create more family friendly workplaces. She is a mom of 2 girls, and a passionate advocate of culture change, not only for her daughters and the next generation, but for her own generation, today.
  • Yania Betancourt Garcia, born in Havana, is studying cultural studies with a focus on sociology at the University of Lucerne. She actively campaigns against systematic and structural racism in Switzerland and is a member of the black women network Bla*sh. She writes for Diversify - a Swiss company that strives to empower people within organizations of any kind to develop inclusive working environments.

This collaboration focuses on discussing promising strategies and providing a landscape of initiatives, projects and service provider to give an orientation for leaders who are pioneering diversity, inclusion and equality in Switzerland.

Enjoy the first edition by Diana Wick Rossi from Tadah questioning "Ist Familie in der Schweiz nicht Familiensache?"

Diversity & Inclusion