Purpose Is Key

Part 4 of a longer interview with Andreas Deck, Head Culture Transformation at SIX & Sarah Meier, Founder of parents@work

In this video interview Sarah Meier & Andreas Deck talk about the future workplace they wish for their children and the longing for purpose - which is seen particularly with younger generations. 

What kind of workplace do they wish to see - if anything was possible? What are the main drivers for motivation in today’s working world?

Many people are hungry to serve a greater good, to have purpose in what they are doing and to have the space for what is important to them.

Young parents, for example, very often have a conflict between spending time with the family and time on the job. If you have to take time away from your family it should be worth it, it should serve a greater good. 

How fantastic performance in organizations could be if everybody was showing up with that kind of ownership and passion [entrepreneurs have]?

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This video is part of a longer interview. Enjoy more topics discussed by Sarah & Andreas: 

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Andreas Deck

Head Culture Transformation at SIX

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Founder & CEO at parents@work

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