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Interview with Ina Rhöös

Have you ever experienced application processes where you relied primarily on facts? How was it?

Unfortunately, I think that recruitment processes only based on facts is still not possible. 

We have value based recruitment at IKEA and so far there is no tool available that could measure the value fit more than the human being. 

And as we all know: We are all biased. The best we can do at the moment is to have processes where biases are minimized. 

We need to remove biases from processes as we can’t remove them from people.

We are trying to do so through diverse recruitment panels and to conduct unconscious bias trainings with our leader.

What is on your table at the moment that supports equality and egalitarian?

One of our main focus at the moment is inclusion of the LGBT+ community. We have decided to become lauder also in the society to stand up for a more equal world. 

We believe in equal opportunities and fair treatment for all, regardless of diversity dimension. 

As actions speaks louder than words, we decided to donate 50’000 to the Committee “Ehe für Alle” to support their campaign for a yes. 

We also walked the Zürich Pride Parade with about 200 IKEA colleagues and their friends and recently we launched a campaign “The marriage bed for all” where we take a clear standpoint for a yes in the upcoming voting on September 26th.  

About Ina Rhöös

Ina grew up in Sweden, a pioneer country when it comes to gender equality.

Today she’s working for IKEA - one of the world’s most egalitarian companies where she drives the diversity and inclusion agenda for Switzerland.

Ina sees equality as a human right and she is driven to make an impact to create a more egalitarian society. 

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Ina Rhöös

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Health and Wellbeing Leader bei IKEA Group

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