How To Make HR Agile

Video interview with Liza Engel, Chief People Officer at Deloitte Switzerland

In the midst of the COVID crisis Liza started to restructure her HR department based on the "Spotify" model with the goal to become more agile. 

What other situation requires more agility than such a situation of uncertainty? 

In this video interview Liza explores the questions of how business value can be brought into the HR function and what is needed for HR to meet the business' needs. 

You need to start to dare to not do things

HR needs to be efficient and prioritize which means to leave out things, to "backlog" them and to dare to not do things. 

Being very service-oriented, this is easier said than done for many HR people. 

This video interview is part of a series of four videos, one has already been published on SPOT ON: "The Career Path Of Liza Engel"

About Liza Engel

Liza is the Chief People Officer for Deloitte Switzerland and member of the Executive team. She leads the People & Purpose function, where she is responsible for the people agenda and its impact on clients, employees and society at large.

A leading expert in agile organizational transformation, Liza is also passionate about leadership and building inclusive high-performing teams.

Liza engel kontaktportrait

Liza Engel

Chief People Officer, Managing Partner at Deloitte Switzerland

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