How Has COVID Changed The Working World?

Part 3 of a video interview series with Liza Engel, Chief People Officer at Deloitte Switzerland

Liza Engel gives inspiring insights including personal advice on how to handle the current challenges that come along with the pandemic, focusing also on a woman’s  point of view. She speaks about agility and what the challenges of the flexible working environment and working hours are.  

When people ask me about work-life balance, I often say that there is rarely a perfect balance, but what’s most important is, that when it gets out of balance that it triggers alarm signals and you take action.

  • What will be the long term effects of COVID for the working world? 
  • Being stuck at home - is it a disadvantage for women? 
  • What kind of working world do you wish for your children? 

Those are some of the questions being discussed in the video interview with Liza Engel.  

This video interview is part of a series of four videos, two have already been published on SPOT ON: "The Career Path Of Liza Engel" and "How to make HR agile".

About Liza Engel

Liza is the Chief People Officer for Deloitte Switzerland and member of the Executive team. She leads the People & Purpose function, where she is responsible for the people agenda and its impact on clients, employees and society at large.

A leading expert in agile organizational transformation, Liza is also passionate about leadership and building inclusive high-performing teams.

Liza engel kontaktportrait

Liza Engel

Chief People Officer, Managing Partner at Deloitte Switzerland

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