Culture Is How Strategy Is Executed

This is the second video of a series of five and part of a longer interview with Andreas Deck, Head Culture Transformation at SIX and Sarah Meier, Founder of parents@work

The interview covers different topics such as working parents and diversity, leadership, HR role or purpose. 

In this video sequence, we focus on culture overall.

Why is culture growing in awareness and importance? Why is it at the core of competitiveness?

New customer requirements, new market conditions mean: "What brought us here, won't take us there", according to Andreas. 

This leads to a transformation strategy with a major focus on culture in order to be competitive in the market. 

Culture is how we execute strategy.

SIX continuously drives culture transformation on three trajectories: Re-thinking Leadership, engaging people and creating a supportive framework to foster Customer Focus, Collaboration and Ownership - that is only possible with Trust as base premise. 

Andreas Deck Kontakt

Andreas Deck

Head Culture Transformation at SIX

Vernetze dich mit Andreas Deck

Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO at parents@work

Vernetze dich mit Sarah Meier