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Interview with Friederike Sommer

How can we create “nurturing and caring environments” which you mention in your talk in times of homeoffice, distant working and children interrupting?

So, the main thing for me is to create space for each person. Everyone has a different perception, each one has their own feelings and wounds etc…it is always a challenge to balance and get life done at the same time but what we all need is to be heard, seen and listened to. When every single participant of the family organism gets the space to share their own world, their own perception and simply gets received - peace and healing is already near. 

This means that the parents create space and respect for everyone. This can be a challenge because time is always an issue, plus parents are probably lacking space for themselves. But in my experience, when a sharing in this way happens, it is nurturing, nourishing and creates a loving connectedness within the family. Plus the kids get a sense that they are important and have a place. This of course, nourishes their own capacity to deal with stuff between themselves and with their friends.

About Friederike Sommer

Friederike wasn’t accepting what society and the business world provided her some 40 + years ago. She moved to India, to live in an ashram to learn about inner expansion. She thought that was important before starting a career as a leadership trainer in the corporate world. During these years she has been co-founding an NGO HBA Europe (Healthcare Businesswomen Association) to provide a platform and a voice to female leaders in the Healthcare industry. Listen to leaders as of today we are on the edge of a big transformation as well as responsibility to unleash consciousness and teach meditation. Next to coaching leaders and teams, Friederike spends time to support women to open and expand into their multifaceted female colors and dimensions. Be ready to look within!

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Friederike Sommer

Founder, Coach & Consultant bei Meera F. Sommer

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